What is Wu-Nuwaupu?

What is NuwaupuHave you heard of the good news?  Yes, it’s all good, yet have you heard of the Supreme News?  No, tell me, what is the Supreme News?  The Supreme News is called Wu-Nuwaupu.  It is the ancient spiritual science of all melaninated(darkest browns to lightest shades) 7-9 ether wooly haired people throughout the universe and is the only science which can place us in our right minds.  Wu-Nuwaupu existed before the flood of Noah and is therefore, the science of the original creative forces. 


The teachings located in the temples of Djehuti(Thoth,Hermes) in ancient Tama-Re(Egipt, Khemet) became the basic doctrines of Eastern philosophical schools of thought(Tao-ism, Budhah-ism…etc) & the 3 monotheistic religions. The word Wu-Nuwaupu has its roots in the word NWB(blackness), where Nubia & Nubian find their origins.  From the Cuneiform(Nuwbun –before the light, presenter of news), you get Arabic(Nubuwa-prophethood, prophesy), & Hebrew(Nebuwah-a prediction, teaching).  Wu-Nuwaupu gets into some advanced mathematics and sciences.  It’s the key unlocking the Spell, for only those who will approach it with a sincere heart and open mind and controlled emotions Wu-Nuwaupu is Right Knowledge(first 4 letters of knowledge are K-n-o-w, its mental power with correct information), Right Wisdom(first 3 letters of wisdom are w-i-s, having the phonetics of the word wise, its knowing how and when to use knowledge), and a Right Overstanding(receipt of knowledge by the mind and is the unity of knowledge & wisdom) also the Science of Sound Right Reasoning(unshakeable facts and logic) and its followers are the sons and daughters of Sound Right Reason.  Many whom were reared in religion were bred to be believers. Belief is ignorance.  Belief is to ignore the facts intentionally or ignorantly.  If one has to believe, one does not know, and if one does not know, that is ignorance.  Hence, belief is ignorance and religious beliefs without the facts is ignorance; so demand that anyone attempting to impose their religious beliefs, they are to produce the facts. The most deceptive word in religion is “believe” or “belief”, because a person can believe anything, and this means that person can believe, and be 100% wrong. Knowledge is knowing and knowledge is correct information. “To know” gives ones confidence, yet belief infers doubt.  We are given knowledge in different forms everyday yet ask yourself, “Is it right knowledge?”  We descended from beings who were Supreme Scientists who had answers to questions that puzzled our top physicists and theologists. 


This is your right to know too, so to exercise your right you must take the knowledge you are being fed and put it through three tests, 1- Experience, 2-Evidence, 3-Reason.  Right Knowledge is always logical and it reasons out. One cannot always use the Experience test, because the Experience test is not practical for all knowledge.  The Evidence and Reason tests are those tests which are most often practical.  We have been placed under a Spell resulting in disunity amongst ourselves.  It’s difficult trying to unite people physically, without first uniting them mentally.  If you Nuwaupians, Blacks can achieve mental unity, you are automatically united physically.  A person talks and acts the way that he or she thinks, hence the results are ignorant thoughts or ignorant words or ignorant works.  If the minds of this kind are enslaved, then that kind of mind is enslaved no matter where it may be.  If the minds of this kind are free, the physical person or persons are free or will soon be free, because the mind is the control, and thereby determines the course the person or persons will take.  When the mind is out of order, the person is out of order.  When the minds of a Nation are divided, the physical persons are divided. 


Common Sense is common knowledge meaning, knowledge that all people will overstand, accept, and unite their minds. The first step in Right Knowledge is called “Wu-NUWAUPU”.  There can be no mental unity as long as the spell of Leviathan “AMAM”, or spiritual ignorance is upon you.   Think about this: A white piece of paper without the black ink is blank.  Information comes with the black ink.  So, an attempt to remove Nuwaupians out of existence will remove all things out of existence.  Only the facts. Remember, “Only a Fool ducks when the Truth is thrown at them” (saying of Rev.Dr.Malachi Z.York 33/720)

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