1000 Acts of Kindness! #SomethingsComing

  Greetings Family!!! We’ve been telling you something’s coming, now the wait is finally over & we have exciting news!!! Please visit http://www.1000actsofkindness.co NOW!!! Watch the video, spread the word and thank you all for your help and support to far!!!!! Continue Reading

*Coming Soon*

Actual Facts Sacred Feminine Intelligent Divine  Design or Plot of Aliens Natural Ether Energy Sex, Mind And Slaves The Decision Continue Reading

First Nuwaupuyee Speaking Music Video!

On Febuary 2016 in Brooklyn NewYork it was the Premiere showing of the music video by Hat-Har Recoding Artist Aakartat (The Lioness)! The song is called  “Afkur” that translates in to English as “Think” and is sung entirely in the Nuwaupuyee language. The Music and video is inspired by Dr Malacki Z York known today as Paa… Continue Reading

What is Wu-Nuwaupu?

Have you heard of the good news?  Yes, it’s all good, yet have you heard of the Supreme News?  No, tell me, what is the Supreme News?  The Supreme News is called Wu-Nuwaupu.  It is the ancient spiritual science of all melaninated(darkest browns to lightest shades) 7-9 ether wooly haired people throughout the universe and… Continue Reading

19 Ways to become divine

Believe & Succeed By H.E. Rev Dr. Malachi K. York As Nuwaupians we are always striving to become better, here are 19 ways in which we can reach perfection: . 19 WAYS TO BECOME DIVINE 1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. 2. Stay at peace and relaxed. 3. Don’t worry about what people think of… Continue Reading

La Femenina Sagrada 1ra Parte

As a people of the Nagaru or “Black race” we have been scattered throughout the world. We have since taken on others culture, dress, customs and language while forgetting our own true way of life Wu Nuwuapu. La Femenina Sagrada 1ra Parte – The Sacred Feminine Part 1 has been translated for our Spanish speaking fiends… Continue Reading

Welcome To The United Nuwaupians Online Blog

Welcome and greetings or should I say “Raahubaat” in our very own ancient language Nuwaupuyee. This blog is dedicated to our teacher and guide Dr Malachi Z York known to us today as Paa Nabab Yaanwn. Reverend Dr. Malachi York is a prolific scholar and author of more than 400 books. He has traveled throughout the… Continue Reading

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