Juneteenth Parade & Festival 2017


The Juneteenth Parade is Saturday, June 17, 2017 in the historical part of Philadelphia. Let us all come together and make this a festive and eventful parade to remember.

Attention women of Wu-Nuwaup : If you want to participate in the Parade and Festival in Philly, please contact or if you have any questions, please inbox via facebook or email sacredfemininity999@gmail.com

take the time to volunteer and participate in wonderful event for our tribe

Raahubaat Yasar,

Attention Everyone in the Tri-state area:

There will be 2 shuttle buses traveling to Philly for the Juneteenth Parade from New Jersey and

New York. If anyone want to ride the shuttle buses from either New Jersey or New York, you must

pay at least half the amount due ($12.50) to secure a ride from either buses by Friday, June 9th,

2017 or just pay the full price($25.00) to have your seat. The seats are first come first serve

basis. If you pay half, please be Sure to have your remaining funds prior to boarding the bus.

For Our family in New Jersey, we will pay funds for seats at Our New Jersey Bookstore, 292 Orange St, Newark, NJ 07107.

For Our family in New York, we will pay funds for seats at our New York Bookstore, 717 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221.

For anyone participating in the parade, On the day of the parade everyone must arrive at the

Brooklyn, Ny Parar No. 1 no later than 5:00am because the line-up in the parade starts at

8:00am. Then travel to Philly, Everyone in the parade must arrive at Philly Parar No. 3 to

prepare for the parade in advance by getting dress in costumes, line-up, etc. Please spread the

word!!! Please we would like for all Nuwaupians to attend, support and respresent Wu-Nuwap

as well as our culture proudly and respectfully of who and what we are as a tribe. Your presence

is highly appreciated!! Let’s Make Paa Nabab Yanuwn proud!!! T’aweh’kuum Yasar!!!

If you have any questions, please contact Brooklyn, New York Parar No. 1 at 718-452-9329. Waduh!!!

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