First Nuwaupuyee Speaking Music Video!

On Febuary 2016 in Brooklyn NewYork it was the Premiere showing of the music video by Hat-Har Recoding Artist Aakartat (The Lioness)! The song is called  “Afkur” that translates in to English as “Think” and is sung entirely in the Nuwaupuyee language. The Music and video is inspired by Dr Malacki Z York known today as Paa Nabab Yaanwun who has been raising the black race spiritually and mentally since the 60s. He has renewed an ancient culture with Paa Taraq our original way of life, our language Nuwaupuyee and spiritual science Wu Nuwaupu sent for the Nuwaupians.

The vibrant, cultural video filled with drumming and African dancing depicts everyday situations where people are asked to simply think before doing something that will not be beneficial for them self or others. Lessons that are in the various books authored by Dr Malaki Z York are shown in the video to help some of the characters do the right thing.

Overall the song and video is a beautiful display of Nuwapian culture with a very positive and uplifting message. Checkout the video yourself and let us know what you think. Please support this wonderful artist. Please like, share and subscribe to Aakartat’s youtube chanel.

Also check out the “Behind the scenes” Exclusive For The Making Of “Afkur”. Enjoy And Share!

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