2018 Paa Munwap-u Walam (The Nuwaupian Ball)

Since 1996 A.D. we have continued one of our many traditions as Yasar and now the time has come, once again, for our Annual Munwap-u Walam (Nuwaupian Ball) bringing in the 2019 American new year

This gathering is for all near and far who have been touched by the teachings and love of Master Teacher Båh’ Båh’ Yaa-Nun, Dr Malachi Z Kobina York to come together as a family from around the globe to share a night of entertainment, love, and reverence no matter what school of thought or religious background, we welcome all to come together with love and unity for the Master Teacher’s freedom.
This is a celebration as family for us to come together and push forward mentally as one.

Båh’ Båh’ Yaa-Nun wants us to continue to come together, truly as a family, not just for this Ball yet, in true love, Divine Love and unity. In doing that, we will open the door to Båh’ Båh’ Yaa-Nun’s freedom as he has worked untiredly to free us as Africans, Indigenous people from all walks of life!

The proceeds generated from this year’s Ball will help with Legal Expenses. If you are unable to attend, your donation is still greatly appreciated.

Where: Woodhaven Manor
96-01 Jamaica Avenue
Woodhaven, New York 11421

When: December 30th, 2018

Time: 5pm-11pm (Promptly)

$125 (including book) in advance
$100 (with no book) in advance
$130 at the door

To prepay for tickets you may visit the link below ⬇️⬇️ or pay in person at: Paa Maprar No.1
717 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11221

$125 including book

$100 without book

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